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Cryptography. Randomness from the Basics of Quantum Theory to Technology

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In this presentation we will discover how randomness in quantum physics allows us to have a key resource in communications security

One of the surprising aspects of quantum physics is the fact that the results of measurements are random and cannot be foreseen, because the reality we live in is intrinsically dominated by chance. This goes completely against our intuition and deterministic thinking, and was not easily accepted by the first scientists to lay the bases of this theory. However, it is possible to demonstrate, with a series of experiments (Bell tests), that we must overcome our intuition, abandon determinism and accept the randomness proposed by quantum theory.

Antonio Acín introduces the Bell tests and the philosophical problems they solve, as well as explaining how they could be an important resource for increasing communications security.

Carlos Abellán talks about the importance and applications of random numbers in cryptography and the QuSide random number generator, thanks to quantum physics.

With Antonio Acín and Carlos Abellán, ICFO researchers.

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