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Quantum Hackathon

Collaborative meeting, development and presentation of projects produced by visualising and sonifying the quantum universe

Courses and workshops


Using data prepared by the Scientific Information Port, the Quantum Hackathon aims to find ways of visualising it.

Do you want to visualise dark matter? Sonify the halos of the stars in our galaxy? Analyse popular rumours about quantum physics? See and analyse the network configuration, and investigate parallels with other human-scale networks?

Whether you’re a designer, musician, journalist, scientist or developer, the Quantum Hackathon will offer you a dataset to awaken your curiosity or aesthetic interests.

Session one on 20 June will present the aims of the Hackathon and the datasets we’ve prepared with the Scientific Information Port.

The Hackathon will take place on 29 and 30 June: you can take part individually or in a team (or simply come and make up a team with the other participants).

Finally, on 18 September at 18.30 h, there will be a public session to present the projects.

Participants: Óscar Marín, Jorge Carretero

This activity is part of Quantum, Beta Station. Quantum explained by experts

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