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Mark Miller

Circuit: National Lead and Convenor Young People’s Programmes at Tate’s London sites. His role is focused on the vision, strategy, and direction which enables young people to access, participate, produce and contribute to British culture through the Tate Collection and exhibitions.

Since 2006 his work at Tate has been responsible for establishing, creating and the implementation of programmes, projects and events, both national and international; such as Circuit, a four-year programme connecting 15–25 year old to the Arts.. Other projects as Tate Collectives and British Council European programme Youth Art Interchange. Other recent projects include Late at Tate Britain, Loud Tate, the Hyperlink Festival and Undercurrent part of the The Tanks Art In Action at Tate Modern.

With an MA from Central Saint Martin, he continues to investigate the interconnecting themes related to urban British culture and interdisciplinary art practice, in the context of museums and galleries through performance, audio and visual culture. Mark examines the role of collaborative practices as a catalyst for informal learning, cultural production that steer critical dialogue and change.


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Programme of activities and award ceremony of the Cultural Innovation International Prize 2014-2015