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Fina Birulés

A tenured lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and researcher in the ADHUC (Research Centre on Theory, Gender and Sexuality) group at the University of Barcelona, she has been a visiting lecturer at the universities of Puerto Rico, Chile, Parma, Florence and Vienna. Her main area of research is feminist theory, with particular attention to the work of Hannah Arendt and, in this latter regard, she is one of the most widely recognised specialists. She has translated several works of philosophy, has written numerous essays, and has edited jointly-authored volumes on the work of Hannah Arendt and other contemporary women thinkers including Simone Weil, Sarah Kofman, and Simone de Beauvoir. Notable among her recent publications are Una herencia sin testamento: Hannah Arendt (A Legacy without a Will: Hannah Arendt – Herder, 2007), Entreactes. Entorn del pensament, la política i el feminisme (Intervals: On Thought, Politics and Feminism – El Trabucaire, 2014), the chapter “Hannah Arendt y la figura de Sócrates” (Hannah Arendt and the Figure of Socrates) in the jointly-authored book Hannah Arendt. El arte de leer (Hannah Arendt and the Art of Reading, Eudeba and Katz Editores, 2017), Feminisme, una revolució sense model (Feminism, a Revolution without a Model CCCB, 2018) and, with Judith Butler, L´embolic del gènere. Per què els cossos importen? (Gender Trouble: Why Do Bodies Matter? CCCB, 2019).

Update: 23 July 2019



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