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The Barcelona Debate

Room, House, Street

Lecture by Marta Segarra


If intimacy had its origins with the bourgeoisie, which is to say with the city, could this notion be facing extinction with the erosion of the physical and symbolic frontiers of the city? Feminism, which also made its appearance bound to the bourgeoisie and the city, taught that “the private is political”, but is this rallying cry still applicable? Taking Virginia Woolf’s room, Maria-Mercè Marçal’s home and Hélène Cixous’ street as a starting point, this lecture considers the concepts of intimate space, private space and public space, if such distinctions still make sense.

Presenters: Fina Birulés

Participants: Marta Segarra

This activity is part of Open City, The Barcelona Debate

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Open city. Room, House, Street

Lecture by Marta Segarra

The conference title, "Room, house, street", refers to public, private and intimate spaces that, according to Segarra, live together in the city. It talks on borders and boundaries between these spaces, and the difference between public and intimate space, as explained by Virginia Woolf at ...

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Interview with Marta Segarra

Professor of French literature and Gender studies at the UB

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