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The World Belongs to Those Who Work

Soy Cámara online

To close the exhibition "Feminisms!" this episode of Soy Cámara looks at some of the social struggles not yet resolved by certain sectors of feminism, much less by the vast majority of our society: providing a concrete response to recognition of care-giving and reproductive work, and taking a plural, broad-based look at the theme of control and exploitation of women’s bodies, in which classism and racism are the underlying ideologies.
Participants: Marta Segarra (curator of the exhibition «Feminisms!»), Fina Birulés (philosopher), the artists Daniela Ortiz, Mireia Sallarès and Linda Porn (members of the exhibition); Norma Falconi and Karina Fullados from Sindillar (Independent Sindicate of Domestic and Care Workers) and Marta Vergonyós (La Bonne), the three of them as members of the board of directors of La Bonne
Cited works: Mireia Sallarès, Carole Roussopoulos, Núria Güell, Virginia García del Pino, Elena Fraj, Tonina Matamalas, Carme Gomila, Ingrid Guardiola and Isabel Coixet.

Direction, scripwriting: Ingrid Guardiola
Editing: Víctor Diago
Duration: 25 min.

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24 January 2020