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Mapping Identities

Panel discussion with Anita Heiss, Stefanie Kremser, and Bel Olid


In this discussion, three women from different parts of the world and embodying a wide range of experiences will talk about literature as a vital tool for expressing one’s own identity and situating it among its external conditioning coordinates.

Literature makes it possible to expand human experience, explain ourselves, produce wider horizons of thought, and bring us closer to realities we know little or nothing about. Yet writing can also mean delimiting and describing a single snippet of life. Whether or not it is a conscious choice, this often transforms literature into an instrument for bringing out identities which, silenced in the political and social milieu, take shape on the page and also claim a presence in everyday existence.

The Australian writer, Anita Heiss, whose long literary career is a testimony to her Aboriginal identity, will discuss questions entailed by the fact of writing with the screenwriter and novelist Stefanie Kremser whose fiction reflects an itinerant biography marked by migration and multiculturalism. The writer and translator, Bel Olid, author of several works of fiction concerned inter alia with social exclusion and sexual and gender dissidence, will join Anita Heiss and Stefanie Kremser in discussing these identity-related themes.

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Mapping Identities

Panel discussion with Anita Heiss, Stefanie Kremser, and Bel Olid

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