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Jane Lazarre and Bel Olid

Maternity, Activism and Democracy

Behind the idealised image of maternity there are many truths that are frequently hidden, namely physical pain, tiredness, professional and career concerns, dissatisfaction, and even regret. There is a gap between the contradictions a mother may experience and what her milieu and tradition dictate she is supposed to feel. The silenced unease of many mothers draws attention to the importance of care, help and attention in both private and public spheres.  Jane Lazarre is the author of The Mother Knot (in Spanish, El nudo materno), a major work of reference on maternity and feminism. She talks with the writer Bel Olid about the personal and social contradictions of maternity and also about other struggles aiming to construct a more democratic and just society.

Related to Open City Thinking Biennale 2018, Dialogue between Jane Lazarre and Bel Olid

20 October 2018