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Xcèntric. 2009-2010


Presentation by Andrés Duque and David Domingo


“COMING SOON TO THIS CINEMA” (The super-8s of Iván Zulueta)

“They’re films for playing”, said Zulueta about the super-8s he filmed in the seventies. The argument proved irresistible when planning a programme of the lesser-known work of one of the great directors of Spanish cinema.

Our proposal is this: Tea for Two, the story of Virginia and Vicente, an extraordinary couple in every sense, even in the way they fry their breakfast eggs. In La taquillera, we once again find Virginia, working at a ticket desk where she brutally attends the public who come to buy tickets. Complementos is actually “part one” of an old-style cinema bill: a NO-DO newsreel, a short, adverts in the intermission and the coming-soon trailer. La fortuna de los Irureta, the oldest conserved film by Zulueta, narrates the life of Andoni, a farmer who emigrates to the United States to make his fortune and then return to his village to get married. Closing the programme is Mi ego está en Babia, which tells of the adventures of Will More (the filmmaker’s actor fixation) during a summer on Ibiza.


Foyer: screenings at 6 and 7 p.m.

Iván Z, Andrés Duque, 2004, video, 55 min.

Auditorium: 8 p.m.

Tea for Two, Iván Zulueta. 1978, video, 9 min.

La taquillera, Iván Zulueta. 1978, super-8, colour, unfinished (approx. 10 min.)

Na-da, Aquarium (abridged version) and trailer of Mi ego está en Babia, Iván Zulueta. 1976, video, 19 min.

La fortuna de los Irureta, Iván Zulueta. 1964, video, 20 min.

Mi ego está en Babia, Iván Zulueta. 1975, video, 40 min.




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