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Where is art?

Soy Cámara online

Script, direction and production: Helena Moreno. University of Barcelona.

Language: Spanish

Duration: 4 min.30 seg.


The project fuses two key concepts: art and immigration, and the synergies that are produced between them. The featured space is the Macba and the streets of El Raval, a neighbourhood with lots of immigration (and tourism) that reflects syncretism and cultural and religious diversity. The two spaces are decontextualized using sound transfer to create a new reality. How do we understand a work with the noise of two kids shouting? And what about a conversation between two drunks against the imperial silence inside the institution? The museum, as such, legitimizes discourses; it sets out to show, but it also restricts and delimits. In the field of discourses on immigration, this becomes even more evident, as it is a controversial theme but one that we have to defend.

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2 December 2016