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Trailer of "The Good Omen"

Alba Bresolí Aliberch

A stone lies in a dry, abandoned place on the outskirts of Barcelona, in the middle of a mountain that's no longer a mountain. Thousands of years ago it was used as a place to leave offerings. Sacrifices were made here as petitions for good omens. The stone recalls the last shepherd in the area, the only one who visited it, before disappearing with his sheep. In the midst of an eternal summer, suddenly, a visit interrupts the stone's existence.

The Good Omen / Spain / 2024 / 13’ 40" / Color / Super-8, HD / Stereo / Catalan

Genre: Documentary

Original version: Catalan

Subtitled version: Catalan, English, Spanish 

Direction: Alba Bresolí Aliberch 

Editing: Nila Núñez 

Sound: Biel Blancafort 

Production managment: Eva Murgui, Maria Gibert Espinós 

Original music: Un cuc dins l’ull by Núria Andorrà, Ferran Fages, Tom Chant 

With the collaboration of Tornen les Esquelles, José Antonio Montoya and Carlos Montoya 

Script: Alba Bresolí Aliberch, Raquel Santanera, Nila Núñez 

Sound design: Biel Blancafort and Oriol Donat 

Photography and color: Ben Guez 

Credit design: Ingrid Ferrer 

A CCCB production in collaboration with DONES VISUALS and the support of Diputació de Barcelona.

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14 April 2024