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Trailer of "Ronda"

Marina Rodríguez Colás

The peripheral city of Hospitalet has inherited a spirit of traditional combativeness, fighting to conquer its own space. Now the teenagers who populate the outskirts take on the legacy of a genuine desire to break free from urban artificiality, turning the city into a place where they can play to challenge the limits imposed. The neighbourhood tells us a story: that of the very human, irremediable impulse to have the chance to choose our own path.

Ronda / Spain / 2023 / 13’ /color, 16mm/2K, Digital 5.1 / Spanish and Arabic

Direction and script: Marina Rodríguez Colás
Photography: Arnau Bach and Frankie A. Ronda
Editing: Aleix Fernández
Original music: Nicholas Dominic Talvola, Adriano Galante and Viktor Pizza
Production management: Eva Murgui
Production: CCCB with the collaboration of Dones Visuals

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30 March 2023