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Trailer of "One, two..."

Verònica Font

A portrait of people dancing, of gesture, of the body, of pleasure, of emotion... A collage of image and sound in which locations in Barcelona act as a stage and the rhythm of everyday life as a counterpoint.

One, two.../ Spain / 2024 / 17’ 52” / Color / HD / Stereo / Catalan and Spanish

Genre: Creative Documentary

Direction: Verònica Font 

Photography: Pablo García Pérez de Lara 

Edit and sound: Verònica Font 

Production: Eva Murgui and Maria Gibert Espinós 

Original music: End of the Road by sero 

Script: Verònica Font 

Sound design: Verònica Font 

Color: Guillaume Dujardin 

A CCCB production in collaboration with DONES VISUALS and the support of Diputació de Barcelona.

Authors: Verònica Font

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13 April 2024