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Trailer of "A City Within a City"

Raquel Marques i María Romero García

In 2013 we filmed the last few months of the Encants Vells flea market before it moved to its new location: a building with a mirroring roof, constructed to regulate the chaos of the old market. We look at the images we filmed ten years ago, an archive that's a memory of the city and of the changes in the urban fabric, but also of our passage through a territory of possibilities. A precarious landscape that mirrors our uncertain daily lives, in permanent tension with the desire to create a home, beyond what's allowed by the property market. We approach the material we filmed back then and look for those threads that from the past and intertwine in the spaces we inhabit and dream today, so wild and disorderly.

A City Within a City / Spain / 2024 / 15’ 18’’ / Color / MiniDV/HD / Stereo / Spanish

Genre: Documentary

Original version: Spanish

Subtitled version: Catalan, English, Spanish

Direction: Raquel Marques and María Romero García 

Edit: Raquel Marques and María Romero García 

Sound design: Ainara Fernandez Beristain, Gabriela González, Raquel Marques and María Romero García 

Production: Raquel Marques & María Romero García 

Creative production: Eva Murgui

Sound design: Hamid Martín 

Color: Lara Vilanova CSI 

Credit design: María Romero García

A CCCB production in collaboration with DONES VISUALS and the support of Diputació de Barcelona.

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11 April 2024