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Trailer of "Memory zero"

Isabel Requena

We arrived in the Carmel district in 2020. My little girl started at a kindergarten near our home and, every afternoon, we'd spend some time in an unnamed square in front of it. My daughters had a lot of fun climbing up a steep slope and letting themselves fall down it as if it were a slide.

One day I discovered that their "slide" had been caused by the huge excavation work for the underground in 2005. But for us it had already become an everyday place: the stationery shop, the playground, the nursery school, the driving school, the dance group that rehearses in the afternoons in the courtyard of the church of Santa Teresa, who they like to watch so much. Suddenly, a place you inhabit is transformed.

With the imminent closure of this square, I started to record this space. Memòria Zero seeks to be a choral account of a district that's been forgotten twofold.

Memory zero / Spain / 2024 / 24’ 28" / Color / 4K / Stereo / Catalan and Spanish

Genre: Documentary 

Original version: Catalan, Spanish

Subtitled versions: Catalan, English, Spanish

Direction: Isabel Requena Marín 

Edit: Isabel Requena Marín 

Script: Isabel Requena Marín 

Sound design: La Fábrica de Carbón 

Color: Lluís Miras Vega 

Credit design: Aleix Abellanet 

Creative production: Eva Murgui

A CCCB production in collaboration with DONES VISUALS and the support of Diputació de Barcelona.

Authors: Isabel Requena

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12 April 2024