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Trailer of "Querida A."

Elena Molina

We live in an age of control and hyperconnectivity; all our gestures and movements seem to leave a trace and yet there are lives that float below the threshold of visibility. For 5 years A. has been living on the streets of Barcelona, without any official papers or fixed abode. Her family is unable to locate her until a Facebook message changes everything. A visual reflection on the city of today and its black holes.

Querida A. / Spain / 2023 / 20’ / colour and B/W, Hi8 and 6K/digital, stereo / Spanish, Catalan and French

Director and editing: Elena Molina
Sound: Diego Pedragosa
Script: Elena Molina, Luigi Cojazzi and Amandine Siebert
Production: CCCB with the collaboration of Dones Visuals

Authors: Elena Molina

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31 March 2023