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Trailer of "Anhel de llum"

Alba Cros Pellisé

Anhel de llum is an exploration of Barcelona through light, as it falls on the streets of the city and the people around me who live there: my chosen family. The sun as a brush that naturally highlights what can be seen and what remains in the darkness, clashing with the human artifice of the city, captured with my filmmaker's gaze. A gaze affected by being a lesbian from a small town in Lleida who's been living in Barcelona for 13 years. A journey from the intimacy of the rooms, friends and lovers that surround me, through the narrow streets of the Raval district to the sunset on the mountain of Montjuïc. From the city to urban nature, the lights and shadows, its people and their ability to be and exist.

Anhel de llum / Spain / 2023 / 11’ / Color, Super-8/HD, stereo / Catalan

Director, editing and sound: Alba Cros Pellisé
Sound post-production: Nora Haddad
Colour post-production: Luna Saéz
Credits design: Font & Pont
Production: CCCB with the collaboration of Dones Visuals

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31 March 2023