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Alba Cros Pellisé

Film director

She's one of the co-directors of Les amigues de l'Àgata (2015) and also one of the co-directors of the documentary film Alteritats/Otredades (2023), made together with Nora Haddad, about lesbian identities in Catalonia. She directed the documentary Resiliència (2020) for the CoNCA National Culture Awards 2020, produced by Allegra Films, and the short documentary De rerum natura - De la naturalesa de les coses (2021) about the painter Francesc Punsola, produced by the UPF. She was the director of photography for the film La amiga de mi amiga (2022) by Zaida Carmona, and the short Demà ho deixem (2022) by David Moragas, as well as assistant director on Els dies que vindran (2019) by Carlos Marquès-Marcet. In 2023 she has directed a piece for "City Symphonies" (CCCB and Dones Visuals) entitled Anhel de llum.

Update: 7 March 2023



Marina Warner and Alba Cros Pellisé

Has participated in

Premiere of "City Symphonies" 2023

At D'A - Barcelona Film Festival