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Through the looking glass

Soy Cámara online

Script, direction and production: Caterina Cuadros, Florencia Aliberti, Gala Hernández. Pompeu Fabra University

Language: English, French

Duration: 11 min. 43 s.


Through the Looking Glass takes a journey through works that address the issue of the self-represented female body and how, by means of the self-portrait, women have formulated new ways of (re)writing themselves in image. The piece explores different emotional states and spaces, recovering the images of women filmmakers who, in a gesture of self-representation, seek to shrug off the male viewpoint that dominates ways of seeing the female body. Images in which the body looks at itself as a support on which to inscribe relations and conflicts with surrounding spaces, pausing at everyday actions and exploring issues such as privacy, sexuality, masturbation and maternity. This re-signification of the female subject is an invitation to a new space-time conception of image, where the duration of shots, the waits, the time-outs or private everyday situations symbolise a break with the modes of representation of the extremely masculinised mechanism that film continues to be.

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11 November 2016