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The lighthouse keeper of Sálvora

Soy cámara online

Screenplay and production: Gloria Vilches

Editing: José Antonio Soria

Language: Spanish

Duration: 11 minutes


In 1980, Julio Vilches arrived at the island of Sálvora, situated at the mouth of the Ría de Arousa estuary (Galicia), to work as a lighthouse keeper, a job he held for 37 years until the recent automation of the lighthouse. In this short documentary piece, Julio tells in the first person what it was like to live on a wild, practically uninhabited island that initially belonged to a rather humourless marquis, the evolution of lighthouse tasks, and the everyday activities to which he devoted his plentiful spare time. His oral narrative is accompanied by amateur images of the island and the lighthouse filmed in Super 8, an analogue film support that shares a certain anachronism with the theme of lighthouses. | @CCCBaudiovisual | #SoyCámara

Participants: Gloria Vilches

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10 November 2017