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The Key of Success

Soy cámara online

Screenplay, realization, editing: Carme Servalls (UPF)

Language: Catalan, Spanish

Subtitles: Spanish

Duration: 16 min. 47 s


What is the culture of effort? How important is it in our working lives? Carme Servalls takes to the internet to find answers to these questions. There, she finds friends, colleagues and strangers, who, together, have created this joint project.  Distracted by so many stimuli, they each try to find their space in this society that reminds us, day after day, that we have to be productive and efficient, and to persist if we are to achieve the dream that is our goal.  What happens if we don’t have this innate vocation, this life goal? It is the constant movement of doing and creating that is important here: keeping our internal machinery going so that we do not question whether it is really worth making such an effort or dedicating so many hours to this job in the hopes of a future with better conditions, a future that is constantly postponed

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21 September 2018