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The Creature with no Name

Soy cámara online

Screenplay and direction: Juan Insua

Editing: Joan Carles Rodríguez

Language: English V.O. subtitled in Spanish

Duration: 7 minutes 49 seconds

Synopsis: This tribute to Mary Shelley in the bicentenary of the publication of Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus is an audiovisual exercise in three sequences inspired by rereading the work in the light of the Anthropocene. Shelley’s classic emerged in a climatic context remembered as the year without a summer (1816), due to a drop in global temperatures caused by a series of volcanic eruptions that generated a historic drop in solar activity. In this darkness reflected in a famous poem by Lord Byron, one of the myths of modern literature was born—a myth we can now revisit from the perspective of the climate chaos that we are experiencing and that questions our ability to manage a small planet, and the degree of resilience required to accept (and love) the monsters we have created.

Authors: Juan Insua

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27 April 2018