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Sex and arquitecture

Soy Cámara online

Language: Spanish, English, French

Subtitles: Spanish

Duration: 22 min 13 sec

Script and production: Andrés Hispano, Fèlix Pérez-Hita

Synopsis: The spaces designed to give free rein to desire are generally regarded as an exception for the purpose of alleviating the repression that tends to be imposed on sexual instinct. The proposals of Charles Fourier, conversely, envisaged buildings and communities specifically designed to facilitate the meeting of people and sexual relations under a regime of constant change and the acceptance of any philia, with attraction at the centre of social organization. His utopia surfaces intermittently in history, in Buckminster Fuller’s domes, hippy communes or the futuristic deliria of Archigram. The exhibition 1000 m2 of Desire picks up the eccentric, visionary figure of Fourier and traces his impact on history, finding just how far we still are from living in spaces designed to situate desire at the centre of our social life. Includes interviews with the exhibition curators, Adélaïde de Caters and Rosa Ferrer.

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18 November 2016