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Poemas googlelizados

Soy Cámara online

Direction, scripwriting: Jaime Alberto Deza (Escola Elisava)

Language: Spanish

Duration: 3 min 25 s


Every word of each video was written into the search engine of Google images, and the first image to come up was the one used to make the video. With this system, which is also a game, the aim is to contrast the selection of words used by the poets to embellish their imaginary concepts with the search selection of the algorithmic imaginary. The two poems are “Toco tu boca” by Julio Cortázar and “Tus ojos” by Octavio Paz. In the case of Octavio Paz, the Google search selected the first image suggested by the browser. In the case of Cortázar, the selection was structured: 1. Large images with a blue filter; 2. Large images with a pink filter; 3. Large brightly coloured images; 4. Large black-and-white images of faces; 5. Large images with a red filter, and 6. Images of any size with a yellow filter.

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21 April 2017