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Open City

Soy Cámara online

Title: Open City

Direction, scripwriting, editing: Uxía Larrosa (Pompeu Fabra University)

Language: Spanish

Duration: 15 min 28 s

Synopsis:  A photograph and a text trigger a series of reflections about the city and the relationships forged within it, its irregularities and its wounds. In a context where images are proliferating, the act of looking indirectly, through a lens, a screen or a reflection becomes more natural than facing a body. What role does architecture play when we address the theme of otherness? The old public-private dichotomy... Could a room of one’s own on the sixth floor of an apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample actually be the most remote place in the world? It is questions like this that gave rise to this essay.


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8 September 2017