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Is that human?

Soy Cámara online

Pareidolia is the bias in perception that makes us see angels in the shape of clouds or the face of Christ on a piece of toast; a deviation that occurs when we identify what surrounds us based on our need to fill in the gaps in information to be able to react to possible threats. We see faces where there are none because from the moment we are born, in order to survive, our brain has to identify other human beings who can provide protection.

“Is that human?” connects these ideas with the use of our primary tendencies in political manipulation, the construction of a leader and the dehumanisation of a supposed external enemy.

Direction & Script: Clara Heras y Carmen Menéndez
Voice: Clara Heras
Editing: Carmen Menéndez
CCCB Production: Víctor Diago, Álvaro Feldman
Spanish Subtitles: Elsa Veciana

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27 March 2020