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How to stop the ecocide

Soy Cámara online

Following the reflections of Professor Rosi Braidotti (The Post-Human) and eco-activist Paul Kingsnorth (author of Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist), this video looks at climate emergency, centring on the importance of telling new stories and indicating new conceptual paths that lead us to different relationships with nature. Both thinkers encourage us to be cautious about certain forms of environmentalism that have surrendered to capitalism, to distrust the pseudo-ecologism of large corporations which, precisely, are at the heart of the persistent problem of ecocide. It is a question not of ensuring the same quantity of energy and consumption by other “clean” means, but of changing direction and habits.


The anthropocentrism of our Western culture (“Man is the measure of all things”), narcissistic, extractivist and unbalanced, with its symbolic humanization (from Aesop to Disney) and its enslavement of animals, its radical separation of humanity and nature—all this has contributed to the catastrophe that ecologists and scientists have been denouncing for decades. It is clear that other, zoocentric narratives are needed, stories of respect for nature, versions that allow us to think and act in a radically different way. It is not an easy or a short-term task, but it is our only hope.

This work is related to another entitled: “El éxito de los estúpidos” (The Success of the Stupid).

Screenplay, direction and editing: Félix Pérez-Hita

Language: English with Spanish subtitles

Duration: 20 minutes

Participants: Rosi Braidotti

Related to Soy Cámara online

21 February 2020