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How to boost your high?

Soy Cámara online

This programme looks at the phenomenon of marihuana, a substance that’s been consumed for thousands of years but prohibited for less than a hundred. Always banned by paternalistic rules, its persecution goes hand in hand with the stigmatization of the people who consume it, turning them into convenient caricatures of the most marginalised social sectors.
Why is it still prohibited? Why do people still smoke it? And, most of all, why does everyone seem so interested lately in legalising it? Perhaps they’ve realised they can make more money selling marijuana than T-shirts of Bob Marley smoking a joint….

Direction, screenplay and editing: Víctor Diago
Camera and sound: Juan Carlos Rodríguez
Production: Maria Castan and Víctor Diago
With the participation of: David Pere Martínez Oró and Fidel Moreno


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4 December 2019