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Gesture Humour

Soy Cámara online

Found footage docu-essay produced based on different fragments of classic and contemporary films that reflect on the evolution of humorous gesture in film. Firstly, different facial expressions are shown, including the deadpan or wooden expression. Secondly, outlandish body movements have been selected and, finally, scenes have been devised with interactions between people typical of humorous gesture. The aim is to provide evidence that humours gesture has not disappeared, but rather continues existing in cinema today, although with some small variations. 

Script and production: Clara Borrell, Arnau Capel, Miquel Ventura 

Editing: Xavier Álvarez, Francesc Boluña, Clara Borrell, Arnau Capel, Miquel Ventura 

Language: Catalan

Duration: 4’35” | @CCCBaudiovisual | #SoyCámara

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9 September 2016