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David Simon’s American Pie

Soy Cámara online

Based on an interview with David Simon, we join him to take an in-depth look at the America of the new millennium and its conflicts. Based on an agile editing full of crossovers, Simon seems to dialogue with Donald Trump, Randy Newman, Bill Maher and a host of everyday Americans. Everything is related and everything is possible. America is marvellous, terrible, addicted to war...Its series also give rise to comments on life in the big cities, the use of language, the future of television or the role of the Internet, as well as training and entertaining the viewer of the future. Simon has dissected the Americans and their country in The Wire, Generation KillTreme and Show Me a Hero.

Language: English

Subtitles: Spanish

Duration: to be determined

Script, production: Andrés Hispano

Editing: Adrià Espí

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Authors: Andrés Hispano

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29 July 2016