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Soy Cámara online

Screenplay: Félix Pérez-Hita, Andrés Hispano

Direction and editing: Félix Pérez-Hita

Language: Catalan

Audio-descriptions: Félix Pérez-Hita, Marta Sureda

Duration: 18 min 46 s


First Soy Cámara with audio-descriptions for blind people and subtitles for deafs., a collaborative project of the artist Antoni Abad, has been chosen this year to represent Catalonia at the Venice Art Biennale. In this video we interview the artist and Roc Parés, one of the curators (along with Mery Cuesta) of the project, who explain how it works and what the whole Venice experience was like. You can download the app at the BlindWiki website to participate in this community experience that Abad calls a citizen network to distinguish it from the social networks with their fundamentally commercial intentions. Find out all about it at:

2014-2017 BlindWiki project Antoni Abad

Web development Matteo Sisti Sette

App development AKX Development

Unveiling the Unseen
BlindWiki is a location-based audio network where citizens who are blind or partially sighted use smartphones to share their findings by posting sound recordings. The platform does not just contain information about difficulties and barriers but is also a repository for experiences, opinions and stories, generating a creative and collaborative cartography of the unseen.

Citizens with vision loss, as well as sighted collaborators and friends, are welcome to contribute the BlindWiki sensory map by installing the app on their smartphones from the following links:

iPhone app download    Android app download

Follow us at: | @CCCBaudiovisual | #SoyCámara

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20 October 2017