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Barcelona: an exquisit corpse

Soy Cámara online

The city of Barcelona has the question of tourism at the centre of its political and social agenda. The concern regarding what type of tourism it wants to promote and what changing the city’s model of tourism or not would mean is on the table. In parallel, its traditional streets, squares and establishments are being altered by tourism attractions. Each country feeds its tourists with myths, legends and icons of its cities whether or not these stories are true or false, as happens with the legend of Santa Eulalia or with the Gothic quarter. The Barcelona of design, comfort, fiestas and art is combined with the Barcelona of this past reconstructed for zombie tourism and for posterity. Advertising campaigns, films, media, etc., have been weaving this imagery for decades. Barcelona is an exquisite corpse, but it is our city. For this very reason, the Soy Cámara team made an exquisite corpse with the workshop held within the context of the BccN. This is the collective result.


Language: catalan

Duration: 12’

Editing and general documentation: Ingrid Guardiola

With images from: Jordi González, Mariana Freijomil, Gabriela Vargas, Inés Tarradellas, Adriana Freitas, Zoraida Roselló, Nuria Campabadal, Anna Giralt, Daniel Pardo, Fernando Paniagua, Jordi Sans, Jeremie, Ana María Rodríguez, Isabela Parron, Anna María Rodríguez, Carlota Serarols, Tatiana Giraldo, Nuria Garcia, Aitanna Pascual, Laura Cedrés , María Fernanda Tavira, Mariana Solé, Anna Penalva-Halpin, Vidal Vidal Santos, Alicia, Constantia. And fragments of  La extranjera (2015) de M.a. Blanca, De nens (2004) de Joaquim Jordà, and the  Xavier Albertí conference  “Tourism in Barcelona: the city as a stage”.

A partir de un taller con: Andrés Hispano, Fèlix Pérez-Hita, Ingrid Guardiola

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Authors: Ingrid Guardiola

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15 July 2016