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Ars Robotica: Conversation with Roc Parés

Soy Cámara online

We talk with artist and teacher Roc Parés, a collaborator of the CCCB’s recent exhibition “Human+”, about today’s dangers of an invisible and omnipresent technology; about current fascination with hacking, which invites people to open and dismantle machines (like a child dismantling toys); about the constant war to control our consumer habits and invisible advertising, about virtual reality and the capacity to move extremities that we don’t have, etc. The programme features works and testimonies by Ernesto Oroza, Ramon Guillén-Balmes, Jaron Lanier and, among others, Roc Parés himself, whom we thank for his kind and enlightening collaboration.

Duration: 15' 00''
Directing, script and editing: Félix Pérez-Hita, Andrés Hispano


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Participants: Roc Parés

Authors: Fèlix Pérez-Hita, Andrés Hispano

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27 May 2016