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All the dark screens

Soy cámara online

In a society dominated by the power of screens and images, audiovisual darkness can be a strategy of resistance. We tend to associate screens with light, but darkness has been consubstantial with audiovisual creation since the dawn of the cinema. “Todas las pantallas oscuras” [All the dark screens] presents a fragmentary genealogy of the use and presence of opacity and the absence of image in cinematographic and video creation, and reflects on the poetic and political power of these forms of audiovisual iconoclasm, and on their relation with our ways of seeing and not seeing. 

Screenplay, direction and editing: Albert Alcoz and Alexandra Laudo 

Voiceover: Alexandra Laudo 

Languages: Spanish, English 
Subtitles: Spanish 
Duration: 25 min. 

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29 March 2019