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The Permanent Game

Digital Leisure and the Hyperconnected Society

This lecture series reflects on the role of digital leisure in a complex reality governed by the various logics of play, simulation, and permanent connection.

We live in a hybrid world where virtual spaces are incorporated into everyday life by means of constant interaction with screens. Digital technology and the audiovisual entertainment industry have multiplied the possibilities of leisure interaction through playing with new worlds and realities in which everything seems possible, although the rules always end up imposing limits. More than windows onto unknown worlds, virtual interfaces are mirrors reflecting the many problems and intersections of contemporary society while, at the same time, offering the possibility of testing the human experiences of the future. In this regard, videogames have become a leading cultural, industrial, and artistic expression as well as an essential terrain for understanding the new social and affective relations in a hyperconnected society.

Is digital leisure really a space of freedom? Are adults aware of how virtual reality and play imbue the younger generations? Does the educational community know how this other reality functions? As part of the programming for the exhibition “Gameplay: Video Game Culture” and in collaboration with the Consorci d’Educació de BarcelonaXarxes per al Canvi, writers, videogame writers, academics, teachers, and scientists have been invited to explore the key aspects of this permanent playing.

With the ticket of the lectures of this series you can access the exhibition Gameplay of the CCCB for free.

This activity is part of Gameplay

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