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I+C+i. Research and innovation in the cultural sphere

I+C+i. 2011

Research and innovation in the cultural sphere

I+C+i, the visible window of the CCCB Lab, is a cycle that tackles the integration of the processes of research, development and innovation within the world of culture. Based on four thematic blocks (Crisis and transformation of formats, Programming concept, Dissemination and communication of cultural projects and Dynamics of innovation), these sessions tackle dilemmas emerging from cultural praxis and the change process to which cultural institutions and traditional agents of knowledge transmission are being subjected.

During the first three years, the cycle has featured the presence of artists, curators, designers, technologists, scientists, journalists, architects, historians, stage directors, art theorists, and programmers and experts in innovative or pioneer projects who have presented their projects and knowledge to a public always invited to dialogue. During 2010, I+C+i has experimented with new formats, offering more practical sessions that allow better interaction with the public, extending the debates via its blog.

For 2011, I+C-i will deal with the issues of Serendipity as the origin of creation, the remix culture in the audiovisual scene, Internet and the city, and the new commons-based economy, among others.

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