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I+C+i. Research and innovation in the cultural sphere




Serendipity is a happy or unexpected discovery. Given the connectivity, the atmosphere and the tools accessible today, Serendipity can be a good source of innovation. We are devoting the first I+C+i session of the year to looking at where good ideas come from, and whether it is possible to cultivate them.



10.30 a.m.-2 p.m. Workshop: “Serendipity: an Open Labyrinth” with Trànsit Projectes

6.30 p.m. Presentation of the workshop’s conclusions

7-9 p.m. Debate: “Journeys in Terra Serendipitas: the Challenge of Invention” with Ricard Solé

One of the most surprising faculties of the human mind is its potential to generate new ideas or discover the rules that govern the world. Inventing or discovering forms part of what the brain can do, but we still do not know precisely what is the nature of this capacity, its significance in evolutionary terms and whether it is possible to facilitate the process. In the fields of the arts and science alike, creativity is often sparked when we least expect it. Are there rules to this phenomenon? What role does chance play? Are some minds more disposed to serendipity?


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