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Inmigración y cultura

Urbanitats — n. 14

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Migratory currents that have chosen our country as their destination have, in recent times, been the focus of all kinds of public concerns. This is leading to laws that one often imagines are unlikely to be compatible with fundamental democratic principles. Meanwhile an increase is being detected among broad social sectors of exclusionary attitudes towards these new arrivals. What are the reasons behind this growing unease regarding the relatively massive arrival of people originating from other places?

Authors: Horacio Capel, Horacio Vázquez Rial, José Antonio Pérez Tapias, Gaspar Maza Gutiérrez, Francesc Magrinyà Torner, Mokhtar El Harras, Miguel Pajares, José Luis Salido, Roberto Bergalli, Manuel Cruz, Francisco Fernández Buey, Manuel Delgado, Jesús Contreras

Publication year: 2003

Pages: 240

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

978-84-96103-35-1 (castellano)


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