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Ciutat i immigració

Urbanitats — n. 02

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The migratory movements seen on the planet today share an almost exclusive destination point in the cities. These human flows that have chosen urban societies as their outlet are the premise upon which the latter have depended for growing and prospering, at the same time as the basis for the cosmopolitanism in which we find their mark of singularity. Based on this evidence, how does one explain the appearance of a media, political, legal and policial discourse that imagines the considered “foreigner” to be the source of all kinds of conflicts and dangers?

Resolving this enigma involves reconsidering all the topics that coincide in debates regarding so-called immigrants, in other words non-qualified workers originating from countries or areas considered economically, socially and culturally backward and that have turned out to attend to the needs of the production system of developed areas.


Authors: Carlota Solé, Jairo Montoya, Bruno de Meulder, Ubaldo Martínez Veiga, Javier de Lucas, Isaac Joseph, Nathan Glazer, Jesús Contreras, Horacio Capel, Manuel Delgado, Tomàs Vidal, Saskia Sassen

Publication year: 1997

Pages: 248

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

978-84-88811-29-5 (català / castellano / english / français)


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