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Jesús Contreras

Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona and director of the Observatori de l’Alimentació (Food Observatory - ODELA) of the Barcelona Science Park.

A specialist in economic anthropology and food anthropology, he has carried out fieldwork in Spain and the Andes. His most recent research has been concerned with the fields of consumption behaviour and, in particular, behaviour with respect to food. He has carried out research in different studies on evolution of lifestyles and the relationship of this with changes in eating habits. He has authored 20 books and more than 200 articles. Notable among his publications are Subsistencia, ritual y poder en los Andes (Subsistence, Ritual and Power in Andes, 1986) Antropología de la alimentación (Anthropology of Food, 1993), Alimentación y cultura: necesidades, gustos y costumbres (Food and Culture: Needs, Tastes and Habits, 1995), Productes de la terra (Products of the Earth, 2003), Sabores del Mediterráneo (Tastes of the Mediterranean, 2005), Alimentación y Cultura. Perspectivas antropológicas (Food and Culture: Anthropological Perspectives, 2005) and Alimentaçao, sociedade e cultura (Food, Society and Culture, 2011).



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