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East or East / East-West

Cycle of lectures about the transition in Eastern Europe

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'East or East / East-West' is a title that announces the lectures' working scope. It can be interpreted as the confrontation or juxtaposition of views about Eastern Europe, before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, viewed from the West and from the East itself, whereby the other possible interpretation, 'East-West'. Each lecture is in fact a dialogue between prestigious and representative personalities, with one Western European participant and one from the 'other' Europe, focusing on paradigmatic aspects of the region in relation to the phenomenon of transition. The eleven lectures are structured as a continuum so that each lecture leads onto the next, as in a story or a trip, though in a conceptual rather than a geographical sense.

Directed by Bashkim Shehu
From 16 January to 3 April 2001

Authors: Pere Vilanova, Zlatko Dizdarevic, Aleš Debeljak, Paul Scheffer, Carmen Claudín, Tommaso di Francesco, Fatos Lubonja, Lutz Rathenow, Misha Glenny, Veton Surroi, Francisco Fernández Buey, Gáspár Miklos Tamás, Hermann Tertsch, Adam Michnik, Orjan Sturesjo, Drinka Gojkovic, Obrad Savic, Gerd Koenen

Publication year: 2001


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