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Manuel Cruz

Manuel Cruz (Barcelona) is University professor of Contemporary Philosophy at Universitat de Barcelona. He has been professor invited in several Latin American and Italian universities. Collaborator of habitual form in newspapers El País, La Vanguardia y El Clarín (Argentina). He is director of the collections “Pensamiento contemporáneo” and “Biblioteca del Presente” of Paidós Editorial. He is author, among others, Hacerse cargo (Paidós, Barcelona 1999), Cuando la realidad rompe a hablar (Gedisa, Barcelona 2001), Filosofía contemporánea (Taurus, Madrid 2002), Hacia donde va el pasado (Paidós, Barcelona 2002; like compiler) and Las malas pasadas del pasado (Anagrama, Barcelona 2005), winner of XXXIII ensay's prize Anagrama.

Update: 3 November 2014


Manuel Cruz

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