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Architectures of Fear

Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West

Urbanitats — n. 19

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Talks given at the CCCB on 17th and 18th May 2007 as part of the symposium “Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West”, directed by Stephen Graham, professor of Human Geography at Durham University, which reflected on the ideology of fear that has characterised the international scene since 9/11. The texts analyse the reshaping of the politics of security in the West, its impact on city design and the difficulties this entails for keeping democratic principles alive.

Authors: Francisco R. Klauser, Julie-Anne Boudreau, Ulrike Engel, Deborah Natsios, Jordan Crandall, Louise Amoore, Jeremy Packer, Frank Furedi, Angharad Closs, Peter Marcuse, Francesc Muñoz, Stephen Graham

Publication year: 2008

Pages: 232

Dimensions: 17 × 24 cm.

978-84-612-2269-8 (castellano / english)


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