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Fito Conesa

Artist and producer

Fito Conesa has a degree in the Fine Arts from Barcelona University. He has given and designed workshops for the Education Department of Fundació “la Caixa”. He worked as an art director on the “Green Santo Domingo” campaign for Santo Domingo City Hall (Dominican Republic) and formed part of the tutorial team of Sala d’Art Jove (2012).

His work has been shown at various museums and festivals such as the Oslo Screen Festival 2010, Barcelona Loop Fair 2009-2012, Barcelona International Poetry Festival, the Centro Cultural Español in theDominican Republic, Matadero Madrid and Caixafòrum (Lleida,TarragonaandBarcelona).

He has contributed to publications such as Zeitgeist: Variations & Repetitions (Save as… publications, 2010), Unique Window Display (Loft Publications, 2009) and Suite for Ordinary Machinery (Save as… publications, 2008), with the latter being included in the holdings of the Tate Modern library (London), the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía and the MACBA.

From 2014 to autumn 2017 he directed and coordinated the Habitació 1418, the project of the CCCB and MACBA for creative young aged 14 to 18.

Update: 17 November 2017


Has participated in

Installation: “Eutopic Universe”

Visits to the virtual reality environment created by a group of young people

Mag De Santo: A voice that reverberates under water

"Eutopic Universe". Sessions open to the public

Universo Eutópico

Collective creation of a virtual reality environment

“Eutopic Universe” Collective creation of a virtual reality environment

Applications are now open to take part in the project

Habitació 1418

October 2017 programme

Habitació 1418

September 2017 programme

The Habitacio 1418 in "The Shortest Day"

The short film festival presents a selection of screenings made by and for young people

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to

Meeting to design the Event of the Year

The Raval: Sound, Time and Spying

A Sound Itinerary around the Raval


Theatre creation workshop led by Tantarantana and Nuno Rebelo

Making Africa

Visit to the exhibition

Can an interview be a work of art?

Creative cultural interviews workshop run by Site-Specific Conversation

I will fear no evil

Visit to the exhibition/workshop with José Antonio Hernández-Díez

El Raval has always been here

A workshop on how to hack the image of time past with the help of the chroma key

The stupid fan t-shirt

Musical translation and T-shirt printing workshop

Bio.electro.chemical experiments

By Paula Pim

There is a light that never goes out

By Fito Conesa

TeenTOUR: La Escocesa

360 degrees, 14 minutes and 18 seconds

By Noupunt

Spieces of spaces

By Frederic Montornés


Music for theatre workshop by Tarantana and Nuno Rebelo

Are you public?

Programme of activities and award ceremony of the Cultural Innovation International Prize 2014-2015

Fantasy and Fugue for Tsushima

Sebald Theatre

Habitació 1418

Carnestoltes. Once upon a time

Habitació 1418

Habitació 1418

Habitació 1418

Habitació 1418


Habitació 1418


Habitació 1418

The return of Chanquete

Habitació 1418

«We’re on air!!!» Radio workshop with Julieta Dentone

Habitació 1418

«Summer hit and video clip recording II» with Anamor

Habitació 1418

«Summer hit and video clip recording I» with Anamor

Habitació 1418

Screen Dancing with Rachel Thew

Habitació 1418

«Let’s play», by Les Salonnières

Habitació 1418

Galaxy Print with 2nd Funniest Thing

Habitació 1418

Cutout Stop Motion 2 with Atelier / Visual Arts, Design & Life

Habitació 1418

Cutout Stop Motion 1 with Atelier / Visual Arts, Design & Life

Habitació 1418

Sound, camera, Barcelona! In collaboration with Barcelona Visual Sound

Habitació 1418

Inputs and outputs. Arduino workshop with Fab Lab BCN

Habitació 1418

New window of activity for 14-18 years olds