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Habitació 1418

Habitació 1418


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With Laura Ginès and A Home In Progress Film, in collaboration with L’Alternativa

At the request of the roomers, October is the month of cinema. The moment has come to learn how to manage a script, draw a storyboard and take the plunge to discover filming, the hard work involved in post-production and the mysteries of dubbing.

Using an excerpt from an existing film that belongs obviously to a specific cinematographic genre, the idea is to manipulate it by adding, redrawing or erasing elements or putting new sound to it, making it an original work in a completely different genre; to turn it from an animal documentary into a gangster story, a western into a horror film, or to convert science fiction into a period drama.

The result of this experience is a piece of work that will be screened at the L’Alternativa festival and may also be used as contents to be shown on the festival and Habitació 1418’s websites. So it’s not just a workshop, it’s also an audiovisual production.

The experience will continue throughout the whole month in preparation for the grand premiere at L’Alternativa at the end of November.

Directors: Fito Conesa

This activity is part of Habitació 1418 (2014), Habitació 1418

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