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Sebald Variations

Fantasy and Fugue for Tsushima

Sebald Theatre

Scene + Music

Musical performance

It is now 110 years since the battle off the Korean coast that brought victory to Japan during the long Russo-Japanese war.

Fantasy and Fugue for Tsushima is a tribute to this day-long battle (from 27th to 28th May). Fito Conesas musical composition follows the timeline of this unique naval struggle, and incorporates its strategies and facts and figures. A subjective translation into musical language.

The string trio "riio Inmusics"(cello, viola and violin ) will perform the work for the first time and bring to life the characters from this moment in history which, although largely overlooked by the west, marked the end of a conflict that brought to light egos, empathies and disagreements: the staged naval battle of a whisper.


Participants: Fito Conesa

This activity is part of Sebald Variations

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