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Mag De Santo: A voice that reverberates under water

"Eutopic Universe". Sessions open to the public

Education + Courses and workshops

Free with pre-booking

Under the title "A voice that reverberates under water. Writing, emotions and research" we welcome the first session open to the public of Eutopic Universe in charge of Mag De Santo.

Throughout the following months, guests will visit us who, based on their practice / vision, will open up ways and means of imagining possible situations, ecosystems or worlds.

Eutopic Universe is an artistic creation and digital tool training project that will run from September 2021 to April 2022 at the CCCB. A group of young people, accompanied by a artists and professionals in the digital field, will learn to create a virtual reality environment. The result will be presented in an installation at the CCCB.

This virtual reality environment will be created in fortnightly training sessions at the CCCB, with workshops and talks with artists and experts Nancy Garín, Fito Conesa, Duen Sacchi, Antonio Gagliano, Veronica Lahitte, Antoine Silvestre and Mónica Rikić.


Eutopic Universe is a project by Fito Conesa and Nancy Garín for Art for Change de ”la Caixa”.


Participants: Mag De Santo

Directors: Fito Conesa, Nancy Garín

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