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Installation: “Eutopic Universe”

Visits to the virtual reality environment created by a group of young people

Education + Courses and workshops

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We invite you to a series of guided visits to discover “Eutopic Universe”, the result of an artistic creation and digital tool training project for young people held at the CCCB.

Between September 2021 and March 2022, at the CCCB, a group of young people, accompanied by a collective of artists and professionals in the digital world, created an environment that combines the digital, the analogue, interactions and programming. This environment was constructed during fortnightly training sessions at the CCCB, with workshops and talks by the artists and experts Nancy Garín, Fito Conesa, Duen Sacchi, Antonio Gagliano, Veronica Lahitte, Antoine Silvestre and Mónica Rikic, Mag de Santo, Diego Genderhacker and María Alcaide.

With the creation process now complete, and coinciding with the Món Llibre literary festival, we are organizing a series of guided tours to learn about the resulting installation. “Eutopic Universe” is a proposal built on the things that make us feel good, in a safe space, that explores the universe of imaginary beings, the melodies of the future, but also light and machines. It is an interior ecosystem that opens a door to new ways of inhabiting the present. An exhibition space that expands different experiences which use technology to allow us to interact, inhabit and participate. A jointly constructed operetta.

“Eutopic Universe” is a project by Fito Conesa and Nancy Garín for Art for Change de ”la Caixa”.

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