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María Romero García


María Romero García (Madrid, 1978). Illustrator and audiovisual creator, she works at the Cooperativa de tècniques and collaborates with various social and feminist organisations. She has a degree in Fine Arts (UB) and a Master's in Creative Documentary from CCDFB, further broadening her learning via training in documentaries and plastic arts.

She creates visual works for artistic spaces and communication projects with themes linked to feminism, minimal stories, memory and self-fiction.

Outstanding filmography: Amor de madre (2022) for the Loop Bcn Festival; Ainda Maruxa (2016), screened at L'Alternativa, Conegudes (també) a casa at the Mostra de Film de Dones and Festival de Culturas Txarnegas, among others; I moltes altres dones (2010), Festival FESANCOR (Chile) and Voces contra el silencio (Mexico), a documentary co-directed with Sonia Trigo, Andrea Corachán, Nahxeli Beas, Natan Muñoz and Begoña Montalbán.

Update: 11 March 2024


Has participated in

Premiere of "City Symphonies" 2024

At D'A - Barcelona Film Festival