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Raise your hands, these dirty hands

Recital of works by poets from the 1970s and now

From the 1970s through to the present day, poetry and feminism have been interlaced in awakening consciousness, slapping down indifferent and conformist thought, demolishing any attempt at learned justificiation. In this poetry recital, l curated by Sònia Moll and Heura Marçal, the poets Adriana Bertran, Alba Camarasa, Maria Callís Cabrera and Mireia Calafell recite their own texts and others by Maria Beneyto, Maria Mercè Marçal, Maria Cinta Montagut, and Marta Pessarrodona, accompanied by Laura Sanz playing the cello who performs Preludes by Sofia Gubaidúlina and the melodies by Hildegarda of Bingen.

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24 October 2019